• Bb Tuba · Model 163

    Due to the incomparable and typical Alexander-sound and a relatively low weight, Alexander Tubas offer a very comfortable handling. Even the Kaisertuba (Model 164) weights only 9.75 kg which ranges distinctly below the usual weight classes.

    The Bb tubas (also available as C-instruments) are manufactured with four valves. Extra (auxiliary-)valves or individual pipe length for auxiliary valve are realizable on request.

    - Key:
    - Bore:
    - Bell flare diameter:
    - Bell throat:
    - Body size:
    - Material:
    - No. of valves:
    - No. of thumb valves:

    Bb or C
    20,5 mm
    450 mm
    Yellow brass or gold brass

    - Broad form
    - Nickel silver garland on bell flare
    - Auxiliary valve available