• F/Bb Double Horn · Model 403

    The double horn has established itself as the orchestral instrument of choice. The combination of full Bb and F horn offers the musician great flexibility in intonation and tone. There is also a definite correlation between mass and tonal projection. With full double horns the thumb valve serves to change to either the shorter Bb horn or longer F horn.

    With Model 403 the change valve is located centrally on the back, so that the weight is well balanced. In addition, the valves rotate with the air stream, so that only slight noise is generated. The particularly long leadpipe provides a soft response and sound.

    - Key:
    - Bore:
    - Bell flare diameter:
    - Bell throat:
    - Body size:
    - Material:
    - No. of valves:
    - No. of thumb valves:

    F/Bb or Bb/F
    12,1 mm
    310 mm
    Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver

    - Fully independent Bb and F valve slides
    - Change valve centrally located on the back side
    - Slight noise
    - Very long leadpipe
    - Soft response and sound