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  • F/Bb Double Horn · Model 102ST

    The main advantage of the compensated double horn is the reduced weight. As the B horn is extended by the length of the horn-F, less material is used for this model. Due to the special design of the horn, it is often supposed to have a high resistance which might be an advantage.

    The compensated double horn is also available with an additional stopping valve (Model 102ST). By using the K-model construction, both models develop an almost full horn-sound on the f-horn as well.

    - Key:
    - Bore:
    - Bell flare diameter:
    - Bell throat:
    - Body size:
    - Material:
    - No. of valves:
    - No. of thumb valves:

    F/Bb or Bb/F compensating
    12,1 mm
    310 mm
    Medium large
    Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver

    - Second thumb lever for A- and stopping-extension